Resurrected Treasure

The main goal of the Resurrected Treasure project, which has been supported by the EEA and Norway Grants in 2009, is to create a technical solution for the preservation of a valuable—and in many ways unique—collection of photographs. What makes the collection special is, firstly, the fact that, as a whole, it was not built up gradually and systematically, but rather in a short period of time; and, secondly, the diversity of the photographic material in question. Therefore both the collection and the whole project require applying an interdisciplinary approach and research methods stemming from fields such as Art History, Art-Historical Topography, History of Photography, Photographs Conservation and Cultural Heritage Preservation. 

Besides multidisciplinary research, the main project activities include first of all a selection of 22,000 items which will be processed within the framework of the project. The selection will include the most valuable photographs, which will require a customized preservation approach. Other steps will include conservation, cataloguing, and digitization of the selected material.

The Resurrected Treasure project will be concluded in December 2010 with the publication of research results and by launching a publicly accessible collection database. Other projects leading to the conservation, digitization, and publication of the whole collection will follow.

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